How Can I Change Myself As A Teen

“I dont like how i act. I liked what i used to be: quiet,no talking shit,focused.Now i cant be still,i am always talking shit and telling bad jokes and i cant focus on my goals,i am always thinking about random things.I want to become quiet,stop talking shit and complete my goals by isolating myself” – Niels Lund

Remove yourself from those who aren’t giving you the space to be best right now. Don’t waste it by being around negative and lack-luster people.

The longer you wait, the more you’ll pay

If you decide to wait, you’ll end up paying more in the end through frustration and regret. When you’re in a space of regret it’s hard to get out of it but know that there are always opportunities and avenues of approach to get out of them.

Start today by removing yourself from those you “think” are your friends – tell them the next time they want you to go do whatever teens do these days (when I was a teen it was teepee some poor guys’ house or run around naked across school grounds to see who would get caught first) that, “I’m sorry, I can’t – I have the rest of my life to live and if you aren’t able to understand and respect that then allow me to do what I gotta do”.

There is a better choice, then the one YOU make

Take heed when I invite you to tell people you can’t make to a party or play video games for 5 hours, friends you make in high school will help you along the way to learn more about you and how to interact with other personalities and beliefs. It’s only when you take things literally and decide you don’t need friends where the darkness of isolation becomes too great to bear.

Create genuine and lasting friendships with those who understand you and accept you for WHO YOU ARE.

I hope that helps – Keep growing stronger Niels,

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