Unconditional Love – Always

“Should we love ourselves unconditionally always?”

YES – If I could increase the font to cover half of this post i’d do it in a heart beat!

Love is our inherent expression that not only connects an individual to his or her spirit, but it’s what bridges the gap between nations, cultures and beliefs. Without love, we would all become victims and advocates of destruction, tyranny and violence.

L.O.V.E (Living Organic Value Expressed)

It is through love that expression of values and genuine, whole-hearted appreciation and gratitude may be channeled; it’s when you feel so deeply moved to tell someone, “I love you” or “thank you so much for helping me” that the fruits from the tree of love provides humanity with the sustenance to live.

Unconditional Love

Is that which tears down the walls of egocentric thinking – it creates the much needed distinction between being selfish and self centered. Selfishness is acting only for your own benefit, self-centered means you are grounded and fully capable of supporting, serving and giving to others because you have already experienced the benefits of it yourself.

So yes, always love yourself unconditionally so that you may return that same energy towards another human being who may truly need it.

Keep growing stronger,

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