How can I motivate myself to have a passion?

From Neslihan Y.

Passion isn’t discovered through motivation, it’s the other way around. When you’re passionate about something motivation is a direct by-product that does not require a class or mentor to teach you; it’s an emotional response that each human being has inherently.

Passion comes from within, not from without

Neslihan you have to start looking inward, to your experiences which lend to wisdom on awakening passion you have inside. What are some things you enjoy doing? Are there any particular events you like attending, podcasts, videos or books? What are some things you enjoy doing on your leisure time?

Identify at least 10 of those, write them down and begin to question why it is you enjoy those activities. You’d be surprised at what you find!

Create room for growth, then you’ll create space for motivation

By identifying a particular passion you have you will have began the momentum train for growing into that passion – this can lead to multiple opportunities for both personal and professional growth in your life. This momentum you create will allow motivation to organically proliferate throughout your entire body! How lovely is that!

Endings are bitter sweet, but Beginnings are always sweeter

Start today by creating a list of your activities which you enjoy, build momentum by moving forward with one of your passions in your life whether that be professionally or personally and you’ll find motivation isn’t something taught by another human, it’s always been WITH-IN YOU.

Keep growing stronger Neslihan,

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