Seeking Others Approval

“At my workplace, some people disregard me but I still care if they will join me in break, shake hand with me, add me to social network, etc. Why the hell I have no self respect for myself & why can’t I genuinely think like – “huh, who are they?” & stop being curious about them & their approval?” – Anthony P.

Much like a roaring river, the harder you attempt to move up it the more resistance is met. There’s some part of you (emotionally) that longs for affirmation – your headbrain (EGO) is not allowing you to understand that external affirmation leads no where besides adding more to the volume of your own EGO.

Who are you?

Can you answer that question first before looking for approval from another person? If you don’t understand who you are (what your core values are, what your mission statement is) how can you expect for others to understand who you are? Seeking approval from anyone else but YOU leads to a downward spiral of self-doubt and lower confidence of what you can do in your life.

Take the time to understand your values and beliefs, NOT the ones that you need to write down i’m talking about the ones that you can immediately, without hesitation, speak from the heart about. If you can’t well then Anthony you got some soul searching to do my friend.

Life is about living, not living others lives

It’s admirable that you wish to break bread with co-workers and make friends, it’s one of the 6 things human beings all have in common, but take note if your intention for breaking bread and making friends is purely to feed something you are missing inside; it’s easy to interpret that as a genuine feeling to be loved and liked.

Only when you can imagine yourself as unconditional love at its purest is when the affirmation of others is no longer needed. People will like and love you for WHO YOU ARE, not who you’re trying to be.

Keep growing stronger Anthony,

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