Think I’m Intelligent But…

“I’m doing horrible in school. I have no motivation to study. What can I do?” – William D.

That may be why you have no motivation William:

  • Are you simply bored because you learn subjects extremely fast?
  • Are you using your so called “intelligence” as an excuse to not study?

Be very clear, fogginess of thought leads to cluttered action

Is it simply you’re bored because all subjects in school come to easily for you? If that’s the case, what areas do you enjoy? I’m sure there’s at least one subject area in school that intrigues you or excites! Don’t think about the specifics, look at the broad picture of science, economics, literature, math etc – is there one area you are fond of?

If there is one that’s awesome! Now is when you can go into the specifics of that area that create curiosity for you – by being curious you start to invite emotions and action into your life.

Now a deeper question is, “I BELIEVE i’m intelligent because my grades reflect that”. Is that true? Can you provide tangible proof to yourself that your belief of intelligence is fact? I’ll tell you one thing my young friend if you’ve been getting Ds and Fs since elementary school your definition of “intelligence” may need some re-working.

The PROOF is in the pudding

The last thing i’d invite you to consider is making the distinction between Book Intelligence and Street Intelligence; even if you’ve received poor grades throughout your life that may simply mean that you have more knack, tenacity and drive for street intuition which is fantastic! Real world application, communication skills and interpersonal development will take you FAR in life, more so then Book Intelligence alone.

Now if you can harness both realms of intelligence William, you will become more powerful than you have ever imagined.

So keep growing stronger,


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