Staying Focused For 1 Day

“I have many interests that i can reunite in music, writing and psychology. I love them and they make my day full and beautiful, but i’d like to learn a “skill” to just focus on one thing per day. Normally, in a day i sing, then write, then sing, then study psychology, then got it!” – Matteo R.

Are you on a deadline or not? If you are your question has perfect context, if you don’t have an established deadline that has a desired outcome for the the work put then I believe your passion for expressing yourself is worth more than an attempt to localize focus.

Focus requires discipline in order for action to manifest in future endeavors

Now if you’re in a situation where a specific timeline is set and you can’t seem to get closer to completing your projects because of your lack of discipline that’s easier to work with:

  • Start by listing which projects require immediate attention, put the others further down the list
  • Your #1 priority is the one which will bring higher ROI (Return on investment) with a smaller footprint (not having to purchase unnecessary resources which you won’t use again)
  • Take the mediums through which you use to express your creative and give them to your friends to hold onto except your #1. Literally say to them, “HEY, here’s my favorite pen and writing paper and psych books I NEED YOU to keep these for 48 hours (or however long you need). I’ll call you when I need them back, THANKS!” and walk away so you can focus on your #1

Judge not by your passion, but by your efforts

What I mean is you have multiple passions, don’t allow the inward manifestation of your heart be withered down by a logical system that has very little room for passion; you putting in the effort every single day by being the BEST singer, writer and psychology student will grant you the wisdom to know where a line needs to be drawn between what your heart calls for and where pragmatism is required.

You’re doing great Matteo, most people in your situation aren’t taking action but you are. Use the time you have now to shape your reality and who you want to be in the future.

Blessings and Strength,

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