Self Awareness

It’s Inside

What is it about self-awareness that fascinates you, intrigues you, speaks to you? For many people at the start of 2017 have been seeking self-awareness but have fallen short on figuring it out. You have read books, podcasts, interviews and other blog posts on self-awareness but the one thing that seems to be escaping you is, “how do you even know where to start?”.

The key to self-awareness isn’t common, for the building blocks of awareness must be nurtured from a very young age until you have matured enough through your own life experiences to fully understand what that word awareness means to you.

In this moment I am of the belief that awareness is built by two variables.

The first is 1.) Observing your own thoughts and actions, the second is 2.) Understand how people react and respond to circumstances. When you can begin to master those two variables, self-awareness will slowly start to build it’s foundation. It’s like moving from building a sand castle when you were a child to creating an actual building when you’re mature.

Building Self Awareness

We can all learn self-awareness, in fact I believe we are all born with it. However, through years of ignoring our primal energy we have substituted awareness with rationale and logical thinking to govern how we live and breathe. The power behind being self-aware is available to you, the question now is, “do you need it?”

Not everyone requires self-aware in their lives. It’s a matter of knowing what you want out of your own life. Self-awareness isn’t some magical potion concocted by wizards and the like, being self-aware takes patience.

It’s through patience of failure and diminishing returns when the capacity to expand your own self-awareness begins to speak to you at a deeper and visceral level. No longer do you continue to complain about your job, school or relationships. You’ll soon come to understand that through being an observer of your thoughts and actions will lend to wisdom. That exact wisdom will allow you to become a more powerful version of you in body, mind and in life.

Chicken or The Egg

Does self-awareness come first or does deploying actionable intelligence begin the conversation? I don’t believe there is any direct answer, what I do know is that by living your life you will find the answer and methodology you need.

For some, they find self-awareness at a very early age. They weren’t taught it but they were able to develop it. In others it takes them into their 40’s to start to understand how self-awareness is helping them through their lives but they do get it and that’s the point.

You can’t live in potential forever, so by living your life day by day you begin to cultivate mindfulness and all the other spiritual jargon we have come to know today.

I’ve mentioned it multiple times, the notion of living your life. When I say, “Living your life” all I mean by that is learning, experimenting, failing and repeating that same process each and every day. There is no formula for life, no equation that is if, then for self-awareness.

It’s through going through the visceral and organic emotions that life pulls and pushes us through. You can build self-awareness through victory as well as defeat. The hard part is opening up to defeat and failure, not a lot of people are willing to do that.

Closing the door to failure

Fail, Recommit

By learning to adopt a non-judgmental view of failure, you aren’t tied to any result. Understand, there is a difference between developing a strategy and executing on that for a desired net outcome. What I share with you today is to not become attached to the actual outcome and not what your theory or number crunching estimated.

Living each day to your fullest, that in itself can build actionable intelligence and awareness at the same time. Whether one comes first or not is irrelevant, it’s about you growing up through life and not simply waiting to grow old.

Too many people wait until they are 75, 80, 90 years old to reflect back on their lives with regret. The words of, “I wish, I regret, I dream” are a few of the most impactful words in our vocabulary. They are also the most dreaded because they entail a sense of responsibility and obligation to your self.

Failure lends to wisdom, that wisdom will lead you towards your own ability to become self-aware about what it is you want out of life. It’s time to stop worrying about what if’s and go do things with your life. Allow failure and set backs to come into play, it’s okay!

That is how you will become a more powerful version of you.

Success comes by first trying

Take Away

My final thoughts are this,

We will continue to grow, YOU will continue to grow. How you choose to get there is up to you. Self-awareness will ultimately lead you on the right path, for you. There is no path we can walk from another, that is not how we are meant to live.

Living requires a degree of autonomy, independency from others. You don’t have to be a world leader, CEO or business owner to achieve that. All you need is perseverance, intuition, hard work ethic, family/friends and above all us H.E.A.R.T (Have Every Able Reason Tackled).

You can develop self-awareness, you most certainly can.

Like everything else in life that is truly important, it requires


With Love & Strength,

David Lee — The P.O.W.E.R Coach

I hope you enjoyed reading this rant, philosophical expression, psycho-something or other post!

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