Thoughts On Gratitude

How do you know someone is grateful or not?. How does an ungrateful person behave?

How important is to be grateful?

What is your opinion on gratitude?

How does gratitude affect our life?

Nguyen P.

I invite you to look at “Gratitude” the way the sun naturally rises in the morning. It does not matter where you are in the world the sun will rise without question. How does that relate to the notion of gratitude?

If the lenses you use to view the world are foggy, what you see is blurred and then your mind must make due with whatever you see. Gratitude in and of itself shines brightest when you’re able to to see it through the mist of external opinions; everyone has their own opinions which is fine, but we all have core values and beliefs which shape who we are as people. It is through gratitude where peace within and self-love make its home.

Believing Is Seeing

When you believe that gratitude is what creates internal peace and love for your self, then Nguyen you will learn and start to see the effects of gratitude shine throughout your life. You’ll start to see people become grateful for:

  • Good health
  • Clean water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Friends and Family

These are only a sample of what a few million people around the world do not have. Can you imagine if you lived in a community, village or city where 90% of people don’t have clean water, food or a roof over their head? Do you believe at that point that gratitude for even a small bit of food and a bottle of water would make their lives that much better?

Have Gratitude During Dark Times, Be Giving During Light Times

The notion of being generative is that where you give to others when you’re living a fruitful and bountiful life. It’s uplifting others and supporting less fortunate people when you have more than what you need, this in return provides intrinsic value to your spirit as well as creates momentum for others to do the same.

When times are tough and YOU need help, your past actions of giving to others will provide a net return in your life but never seek favors or returns – be grateful that you have one more opportunity to become a more powerful version of you in Body, Mind and in Life.

I hope that helps Nguyen.

Keep growing stronger,

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