Pragmatism and Nature

What nature can teach you about being pragmatic

Allow me to paint a picture (i’m not that great so bear with me). You wake up at 4AM, get the kids or yourself ready, stuff down a muffin and pound down your first cup of coffee and off you are ready to start your day!

Yet, a part of you wishes you had 1 day out of the 365 you work and grind through to find some peace and quiet. For a lot of people, peace and quiet is what they detest. They wish the exact opposite; the rush, the 14 hour work days because the next day is just as important.

What does any of this have to do with nature and pragmatism?


Should have clicked the funny cat meme instead

You see when you take a moment to view nature in all of it’s peace and rage, you can find much of the same in our lives condensed into 24 hour episodes. Daily shows if you will, that we live through but never take time to reflect on. At least not until the legendary “mid-life crisis” emerges.

At that point (this is my belief only) the up and coming Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Yoga Instructor and a host of other professional life changing transitions come into play. Much like nature, there are different seasons and each have their own physical and internal metamorphosis that happen.

The only difference between nature and us, is nature always knows where it needs to go. We don’t. Some people are content with who they are and the living they make from age 18 through 65. Others have a taste of working for another person’s dream and hate it — they now spend their entire lives working for someone else’s dream.

By working for your own dream, you begin to become more inline with your true intentions — you become parallel with nature always knowing where to go but also accepting the dynamics of life.

Dynamics of nature

The Daily Change

You can look outside each day and what you see may look the same, but if you took 10 minutes to be in nature you will come to the realization that every single second changes. Each moment that passes from the wind changing directions to the leaf blowing past you is a reminder that your life is just the same.

Sure you have the same cup of coffee, bagel and chicken salad for lunch 5 days a week. That’s similar to the sun setting and rising each day. Yet each day you know that the previous day has been different than the following in its own way. It’s because your thoughts and perspectives tend to switch on the daily depending on what is happening to you.

Stress levels change, moods change, lack of enthusiasm and bursts of high tangled energy are all signs that we are reflective of mother nature herself.

Nature’s web of change

Pragmatic Nature

By taking a deeper look at the roots of nature, a very practical sense of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly strategy can be deployed.

How so you may ask?

It’s about learning to adapt to your environment and once you do, stay rooted into the core principles of it.

I’ve taken this approach into my life for many years. It’s created multiple opportunities to grow in two different industries — information technology and the health/fitness realm.

Each industry presented challenges and road blocks at any given turn, what I had to do was to learn to adapt and modify the way I thought and how I executed things at the micro level. The macro doesn’t change, at least for those who are in a technical or managerial position, so modifying the granular and micro nuances was how I was able to evolve and grow through my career paths.

That’s not to say that you have to do the same, nor am I advocating it will 100% work for you. What I invite you to reflect upon is to understand the unique ability to adapt to the dynamics of nature and how our very lives are finely tuned to it.

When you do, pragmatic techniques and methodology will usher in an optimized approach toward your goals and aspirations.

Life goals and strategy

Take Away

The natural forces of nature are awe inspiring and allow us as human beings to create love, strength, power and compassion for each other. Nature also does have a chaotic side which resembles hatred, anger, racism and violence to which we also place on each other.

Take a short catalog of your life and see if you can be a bit more in-tune with nature and the pragmatism it can offer you. The time to stop wishing and hoping for things to happen is over, let nature run its course to create the ultimate game plan for you life.

“It’s better to be prepared and not have an opportunity, then it is to have an opportunity and not be prepared” — Zig Ziglar

With Love & Strength,

David Lee — The P.O.W.E.R Coach

I hope you enjoyed reading this rant, philosophical expression, psycho-something or other post!

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