BEST WAY To Keep Focused

From Muhammad A.

Allow every single ounce of energy you have to be given toward your goals. By channeling all of your energy to what you wish to see happen in your life, you will see the rewards and accomplishments of your goals bring about success, happiness and self-confidence that you can use toward a future goal.

Keep your aim strong

Much like the magnetic energy of the moon, if you give all of your attention to it you’ll receive the willpower to hold your aim steady. There will be moments when you feel tension and conflict coming up, don’t allow either to take your gaze off of your target. The more you can drill down your focus, the narrow your sight becomes the quicker you’ll see yourself reaching your goal.

Be very self-aware

With that said, be very self-aware that you are able to balance certain aspects of your life. Never sacrifice these 3 things for ANY goal:

  1. Your Health
  2. Your Family/Close Friends
  3. Your Beliefs

At the end of the day you only have your health to keep you going. Be mindful of the foods you eat, drink enough water to stay hydrated and find time to exercise (go for a walk and listen to audiobooks). If you can sustain your physiological and biochemical needs, you NEED food and water, then you’ll find more energy to devote towards your goals.

If you come from a close family background and have friends who have been there through thick and thin for you, never neglect them. They will be there for you when you need it most for emotion and financial support in your endeavors.

Lastly never sell your soul to gain even an inch towards your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle). You beliefs and core values shape the purest and truest forms of energy which you express to the world and in a day and age of enlightened groups and people, they will see through your veils and BS if you give it.

Focus requires discipline, commitment, strong habits

Be disciplined in your mind to set schedules for yourself (create mini deadlines towards your major ones), project commitment to in everything you do to develop stronger attitudes towards work and finally, create strong habits which guide you each and every single day towards your goals; strong habit will always get things done, motivation is simply the fuel for the fire to get it going.

I hope that helps Muhammad.

Keep growing stronger,

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