10 Rules for Self-Discipline You Can Do

Rules and Discipline go hand in hand friend, i’ll share with you why and how to create some basic structure for you.

Why do Rules and Discipline Go Together?

When you’re disciplined towards accomplishing your goals, it’s predicated on the fact that you’ve created a system to support you with manifesting a particular goal you have. How so?

Well think about it, if you didn’t a system to follow how would you be able to accomplish anything? Even if your system is not optimized for efficiency it’s still a system that goes from Step 1 through 10 etc. So a system is what will provide you with measurable results to help gauge how far or close you are from your goal.

Once you have a system in place, then discipline will always follow it because YOU want to see your goals come to fruition yes? If not then you won’t see your goals in the real world. You would still be doing a lot of guess work and not enough of completion of opportunities.

What are the rules?

These rules have helped me and others professionally stay accountable for themselves and have built discipline in their attitude towards achieving goals:

  1. Wake Up Earlier
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat The Right Foods
  4. Work
  5. Work
  6. Work
  7. Work
  8. Work
  9. Sleep
  10. Do it again

Quite a lengthy list I know! Terribly sorry about that, but the truth isn’t all rainbows and sunshines friend. You have to wake up earlier than the rest because while they are over-sleeping you are taking the natural “opportunity clock” nature has gifted you with when the sun rises to get up and start your day off right.

Waking Up Earlier

Set the tone for your day by allocating 20–30 minutes for yourself in the morning to goal set, meditate, pray, develop your spiritual self. You’ll find as the weeks and months go by that your attitude and compassion towards others will change in a positive light; looking at others with positive and supporting light will mirror that in your own life as well.


Exercise, physical activity – your body wants to move and has a beauty behind it that encourages movement. You don’t have to go so far as a competitive sport (I compete in Powerlifting and have competed at the regional and national Karate level for years, so competition is in my blood) but get outside, purchase a gym membership, go for walks or jogs in nature, go rock climbing – you get the picture friend.

Eat The Right Foods

There are plenty of resources out there for you to research which foods are best for your own genetic makeup, biochemistry, physiology and ancestral history. Two sources I will recommend is Metabolic Typing by William Wolcott and Primal Pattern Diet Type by Paul Chek.
*Shameless plug: You can also pick up my E-Book on P.O.W.E.R Primal Eating on Amazon

Work, like A LOT

It’s about consistency, putting in the time, being patient with the process and doing it over and over and over again. Success will not come over night and if it does, it’s usually because you’ve been doing it for so long (years) that when it does bless you it feels like it’s only been one night!


Sleep is your body’s natural recovery and growth system; anabolic hormones are released between 10:00PM and 6:00AM as your natural biorhythms begin to reset and help with digestion, immunity, tissue repair and cognitive growth. Get 8 hours of sleep if you can is what I always recommend, however I know plenty of people who have averaged 4–5 hours of sleep for 40+years and they’re strong as an Ox; everyone is different so listen to what your body and intuition are telling you.

Do It Again

When you’re able to stick to these rules, you’ll create a self-adapting system where discipline will permeate throughout your entire life. I invite you to take these rules into your life, test them and allow the experiences to help guide you further along the path of self-discipline.

I’ll leave you with this,

It’s better to be prepared and not have an opportunity, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared.

Keep growing stronger,

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