Sticking to Schedules – Motivation

Great question Ali, however a more important question is

How bad do I want it?

Regardless of what your underlying motivation is for a life goal or change, if you don’t want it bad enough all of the motivation in the world will not support you. Here’s why:

motivation gets you going…

Discipline, Commitment and Strong Habits Gets Things DONE

If you don’t want something bad enough you won’t stick to any schedule you or someone else creates for you. Motivation is great, don’t get me wrong we all need motivation in our lives. However, it’s only part of the bigger process – the larger picture if you will.

Take the picture above, you have a journal, cell phone and laptop. Each tool has great utility for scheduling, goal setting, content creation, communication, tracking and logging yes?

So you have the tools, but if you don’t really know what you’re doing with them i.e, your WHY behind wanting to get on a schedule and purchase supporting tools then you haven’t set yourself up for success.

What is my intention?

Identify your why or your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) you wish to see come to reality in your life. Once you have that, be very clear that you want it bad enough to put in the:

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Sweat
  • Energy

It’s only through patience and perseverance when you’ll see all of your hard work pay off. You gotta ask yourself, “how bad do I want this?”. If you want it bad enough, you’ll create your own motivation, discipline and strong habits to see it through to the end.

Once you build some momentum by taking action steps, then use those tools in the picture above! Get a written journal to write down your goals, use your cell phone and set calendar reminders to start tasks on certain days (these are micro and macro deadlines for yourself) and finally use your computer to look up inspiration people who have done what you wish to accomplish. Bookmark their homepages, YouTube videos, podcasts etc.

I hope that helps friend.

Keep growing stronger Ali,

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