Quitting Your Job, Quitting On You

The Difference

Have you known someone who quit their job, tired of laboring away 10–14 hours a day for a paycheck? They’ve spent 10–20 years working for someone else’s dream while dimming the candle of their own?

There seems to be a large disconnect between the research done on job happiness (at least in the U.S) vs people who i’ve been speaking to over the past two months who really don’t like their job. They have become frustrated not necessarily with the job, but for some reason aren’t happy being at work. Why is that?

They slave away for 10–12 hours a day with little incentive to continue their work. What started as a passion and pretty good income has transformed into remorse and angst waking up at 4am just to do it all over again.

It’s at this point where some people quit their job and attempt to find either another position doing the same thing with the same frustration, or perhaps follow their passion.

The thing with following your passion, is not many people truly know what they’re getting into. For after 3–5 years of scrounging around for a few dollars to buy food, it’s easy to go back to a 9–5 with a steady pay check. You simply have to accept things for what they are and be okay with that.

If you’re not okay with that, then I invite you to take a deep, hard look at yourself because the worst thing to have when you’re 65 or 75 is regret.

By far the hardest thing to live with in life, besides loss, is regret. You made a choice to be okay with the circumstances you found yourself in and ignored your intuition. The price you paid?

Quitting On You

What else was there to do but quit?

To Stay or Not Stay, That Is The Question

It’s not easy to leave a comfortable job with health benefits, a 401k and PTO. You have mortgage, car payments and possibly a family to take care of. You tried taking time to figure things out and in the end you decided the best thing for you was to stick with it, no matter how unhappy you start to become.

So does happiness mean you need to give up on your dreams and passion? Depending on your DNA, that all depends on what you want. See when you have no aspirations to be above average, then it’s okay for you to be at your job. Unless, you complain about it. There are a lot of people in the world who have a steady income, health benefits, food on their table, gas for their car and still complain about not being happy.

Then there are those who start to figure out that they have another 40–50 years of their life left. They can’t imagine having to go through more of the mundane for 3–4 decades, that’s half of their life! These individuals then take matters into their own hands by starting a small business, becoming a freelancer or switching careers entirely.

What I wish to share with you today is to identify where you want to be and deploy a bit of humility along the way. If you don’t have the internal programming to be an entrepreneur and hate your job, I implore you to do some homework first before taking up a venture like entrepreneurship.

The same can be said for switching careers. If you went to school and have been working as a chef for 10 years but have come to realization that it wasn’t the cooking you were passionate about, it was making people feel good through the delivery of food then maybe that’s where you need to be.

Yet, many people who go into business or switch careers do it for the wrong reasons. They want only passive income so they can spend the rest of their lives not contributing to anything of their legacy or to improve the world we live in. I’m not advocating that you need to be a Buddha or Krishna, what i’m saying is if you’re only seeking money…

You’ve Already Lost

Too many shortcuts leaves you lost

You Get What You Give

By making the conscious choice to quit your job and pursue your passion, you do so from a place that begins from selfishness and hopefully blossoms into being self-centered.

The difference between the two is two fold. Being selfish creates two variables:

1.) You want more money, the end.

2.) You start your own venture and quit because you didn’t make the money you expected.

If you start from a place of selfish intentions but stay there, you will lose my friend. You’ll lose out on additional capital in the macro, but more importantly you’ll lose yourself along the way. In order for you to get to where the highly successful people are, it’s a balance between aggression and tenderness.

“Be aggressive with your tactics and stay in line with your strategy, but be tender to the emotional impact you are making on the economy and actual human lives.”

Support others, don’t take from them

Not a lot of people can find the right balance of business savvy with creating a service or product that is meaningful. That’s okay, you gave it a shot and decided it didn’t work out…or did you only give 40% of your effort into it? Did you try it for 6 months and quit on you because you weren’t making a dime off of it?

Take Away

If there’s anything you take away from this friend, is to understand what it is you truly wish to see manifest in your life. Not in the next year but in 30 years. If you’re only looking at the micro cycles (less than 12 months) of course you’ll want to quit. You’re not seeing the ROI you thought you would have within 3 months because you read about someone who “blew up” with an original idea and thought, “Hey I got a great idea I can do that!”

Life doesn’t work that way. You have to work hard each and every day without expectation. Now that doesn’t mean you should meander through your goals, networking opportunities and growth but it sure doesn’t mean to start playing video games or binge watching 8 hours a day because you decided to quit your job.

You now have the responsibility to expand your potential legacy, to do and be more than you have ever imagined.

What you must remember is this,

“Never Give Up On You”

With Love and Strength,

David Lee — The P.O.W.E.R Coach

I hope you enjoyed reading this rant, philosophical expression, psycho-something or other post!

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