Always Sad, Struggle With Grades

“How can I find motivation for school work? I am always sad and struggle with my grades. What can I do to help myself? I feel lonely often also. Sometimes I think of just not existing, but I wouldn’t want to go through pain” – Anonymous

What do you find motivation in doing? If it’s not school that peaks your interest or curiosity what does?

Understand, there will be times in your life where motivation will begin to fade – it’s a natural reaction to all of the chatter available in our world.

What I wish to impart on you is to it give up on school but you must also find a solid foundation to why you aren’t motivated in school. It’s not enough to say, β€œI don’t like school so why bother?”. That type of reaction only brings more negativity and lackluster energy in your life.

I invite you to take a full day, perhaps this weekend, to write down 3–5 activities you currently enjoy doing. Look at them and see what are your top 2, those will have the most immediate energetic pull on you.

Once you have them, attempt to match them with any relatable class or subject area at school within a 70–80% enthusiasm level. This only a suggestion and not a definitive solution so please understand that.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to figure out where and how you’ve lost motivation for school. It’s a deep and personal question that must be tackled at the very source of it.

I hope that helps friend,

Keep growing stronger,

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