Losing My Self Confidence

“How can I build my confidence and motivation?” – Anonymous

Begin by knowing what it you’re really looking forward to, what will motivation and self-confidence do for your life? Is it going to help you get a promotion, new job, a family, what is it that you wish to see manifest in your life?

Motivation is easy, Knowing why is harder

Once you’re able to find motivation for a particular goal, you must be able to create consistency with it each and every day. Motivation is simply someone handing you the keys to the car, you must carry the keys with you each time you wish to turn on the car (although that may change in the future but for now this is relevant).

It’s a daily practice, much like the teenager who wakes up at 5AM each day and hits 500 balls before school starts – you only get better and understand the benefits of the attitude change by performing it every single day. Motivation is no different, you gotta wake up each morning with the intent on using yesterdays momentum and motivation to guide you through the day.

Start with your WHY

Without having a clear definition of the intention or the why behind seeking motivation and self-confidence, you will continue to be stuck in the maze without a “north star” to guide you out of it. It’s true – if your motivation for losing weight is because you want to have 6 pack abs but your doctors have diagnosed you with an under active thyroid, then the motivation to lose weight really ought to be about figuring out your thyroid and not getting 6 pack abs.

Your intention not only needs to be defined but it needs to come from a place of genuine care. Don’t spend all of your time seeking motivational tools if you aren’t willing to be genuine with yourself and the question you have.

What do I do then?

Within the context of your aspiration, what’s the bigger picture? What will losing 20 pounds do for your life? What will getting a promotion do for your legacy?

These are the questions you need to ask first, then your intention becomes more clear; look through the mist rather than at it. When you’re able to have a clear grasp of the macro goal, when you have no doubt in your mind that the pure motivation you have for a life change is characterized by:

  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Determination

Then you’ll be on your way in creating your own motivation.

Keep growing stronger friend,

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