A Habit Of Prayer

“I don’t want a disconnect answer as in it takes 30 days to form a habit.

Which doesn’t leave much of a answer, but try to connect it on my level please”.

What will prayer do you for you?

Really, what is it going to do for you? There are plenty of people who can develop a program for you to get you to pray, but the more important question – truly the foundational question is, “What will prayer do for you in your life?”

Your sub title also shares a bit more of your intention behind your question; you’ve already made a decision that you don’t want to hear that a habit takes 30 days to create, which by the way is 100% accurate.

Within 30 days it can take up to 300 repetitions of an action for your brain to create a motor engram, but it takes up to 5,000 repetitions to replace that same motor engram. Moral of the story here is,

“Be careful with what you wish for, you might just get it”

Nothing in life happens over night, creating a habit of praying especially will not happen over night or even in two nights; sorry you lucked out.

I know that was blunt and the reason behind it is because there’s too many people in the world are looking for the “easy” answer – it’s the “give me everything I don’t have time” mentality which is creating a “disconnect”, as you put it, in humanity. You won’t learn how to create a habit of praying if you:

  1. Don’t know why you want to create the habit
  2. Aren’t willing to adopt patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day

Neither will the spiritual and universal connection you have with nature, god and the cosmos. That my friend will take your entire life, so ensure you’re healthy enough in body and mind to see the results of your prayer habit. Everyone so far has given you plenty of fantastic ways to start the habit of praying, what I wish to invite you to participate it in is to start becoming very self-aware of the underlying intentions you have.

Keep growing stronger friend,

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