How do you plan your day/week/month/year?

I use a daily planner, but stretching goals and objectives out further than a week can be hard. What are some of the best tips, and ways to break down short/long term planning?

From Anonymous

You may find it practical to identify one goal for the entire year at a “macro” scale – by shooting for one large goal you will find it both satisfying that you’re working 12 months to complete one impactful goal and you’ll be able to devote secondary energy towards micro goals that may not directly relate to your one macro goal.

Plan For Less, You Can Always Add More

I’ve taken this approach for certain phases of my life where I know the workload for the entire year is going to be on the extreme end and my own schedule was quite busy. The inspiration I had for it came through a recent busy year where I knew my strength training goals would not be as progressive as I had hoped.

What I did was instead of trying to cram in a standard 2 hour training session into say 45 minutes, I looked at the most “bang for your buck” exercises to maintain my strength and overall work capacity. I ended up doing “less” but it paid off in the end of the year in the form of minimal injury and strength loss. Previously when I tried to plan for more there were too many variables involved and multiple injuries came through which hindered my progression.

The takeaway I wish to share with you is:

  1. Identify how busy your year is going to be (traveling, family, vacations etc)
  2. Realistically look at how much energy in the past you have been able to devote to goals and what common set backs you can trace with pin point familiarity.
  3. Separate impactful macro goals from accessory micro goals that have a smaller ROI.

Check your Ego and Leave It There

You may want to do everything and anything you can to hit all of your goals; deadlines will dictate how you utilize your energy and daily as well as weekly KPIs will give you feedback with regards to your actual performance. However, sometimes we all need to take a step back and look at the “bigger picture” from a holistic perspective rather than an immediate ROI attitude.

Understand, small victories help to win the war but it’s only when you have a firm grasp of your vision/mission where the wins and losses can make sense to you. Otherwise you’ll run the gamut of :

  • I should have
  • I wish I would have
  • If only
  • I regret not

Leave your Ego at the door, do what’s best for you in this year and then tackle the next year with the data you’ve gathered from your life experiment goals to make an even bigger impact.

I hope that helps friend.

Keep growing stronger,

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