Device To Forming Habits?


  • A tiny beep alarm in my ear that can be programmed to buzz every 5 mins to remind me to sit up straight/concentrate or at other programmed times.
  • Similar concept but a vibrating wrist watch?

Or even anything to keep me aware as I am the type to zone out for hours and loose concept of time.

From Tom M.

Three things that may help you out in this endeavor Torn:

  1. Get a watch with a timer or use your mobile phone for begin dividing up tasks you have.
  2. Look at Time not has management but as allocation.

Let’s go over the first one,

Set yourself up for success by utilizing blocks of time to focus in any tasks you have. You’ll first need a goal in mind but once you have your goal then you can do the hard part which is put in the work. The trap many people fall into is they don’t intelligently use their time efficiently, meaning if you historically aren’t able to concentrate for more than 30 minutes on a task, then don’t spend more than 20 minutes in the early stages performing a specific task.

Take this into the context of a past example where you desired to work 2 hours straight on something. If after 30 minutes you were unmotivated to continue, then use 20 minutes blocks within 2 hours to accomplish your goal. Psychologically this will alleviate stress that may incur from the monotonous labor that is required to stick with work long enough.

So every 20 minutes, take a 5 minute break to get up and move around, stretch and pace around your desk if that’s all you can do.

Time can’t be managed

It can’t, the more you believe it can managed the more susceptible you are to losing patience over time. The reason why is time literally cannot be controlled, not only is this a metaphysical truth but an empirical and tangible fact. Rather than believing you can manage time, instead understand that you cannot manage it like an employee but you can allocate and devote specific units of time throughout your day to be more productive.

Once you are more productive that creates momentum and consistency so that you develop a strong habit gradually. Habits are what get things done, motivation is only there to get you going. Create the discipline and habits necessary to fulfill and accomplish your goals and you’ll be on your way to finding more opportunities of success.

Keep growing stronger,

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