Is There A Purpose To Improving?

From Anonymous

It all comes down to your purpose in life, your life’s task. I know that seems like a lot and you’ve probably heard that from a million other people but it’s the truth. Think of it this way, if you have no goal or direction for all of the years you will be alive would not be asking this question?

Deep Thought, Then Take Action

Many people fall into the trap of attempting to figure out their life’s task with only a few scraps of memories to hold onto without ever doing anything with their lives – that my friend is the greatest regret anyone can ever have. By not understanding what you want to do with your life, you either have one of two options:

  1. Stay exactly where you are and be spiteful the rest of your life
  2. Take a risk and either stay with it or give up

Both options are quite scary, there’s no doubt about that. The thing you have to understand is if you have the courage to be your own person, to go through years of adversity to see the fruits of your labor you will be rewarded far beyond monetization.

You’ll have both the encouragement from your endeavors to continue your mission and people will support you with your virtuous journey. It’s in those moments where you can keep going – the energy and appreciation given by others to you will be all the motivation you need.

Improve yourself, Then Keep Doing It

The moment you stop learning about who you are and the world you live is the moment you must be very self-aware so that discouraging thoughts do not penetrate your spirit. You Ego loves to feed off negativity and will do everything it can to grow. If your heart is strong and through patience you’ve learned that experience will guide you along the way, you’ll find that improving your life is a continuous practice.

Be diligent in your work, keep learning from everything and anyone you encounter and most importantly,

“Be Your Own Hero” – Have Every Reason to Overcome

Keep growing stronger friend,

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