Avoiding Guilt

Other than mindfulness, how do I avoid guilt?

By Hamza K.

Mindfulness brings light, Acceptance creates Peace

You can’t avoid it, but you can accept it and not be fully directed by it Ali. I believe people are looking to avoid many thing in their lives, the thing with that is the more you attempt to avoid something the stronger it will appear when you aren’t able to keep defensive barriers up 24/7.

Rather than trying to play the avoidance game, simply accept that certain things in life you cannot control – reflect upon it and then move forward. Do not allow yourself to linger around too much in deep thought, there must always be a balance between stillness and movement.

If you feel yourself compelled to feel guilty about something you said or did, that’s okay. Allow the emotions to flow through your body so that the negative energy is flushed throughout your entire system. Most people keep those emotions at bay but the mind-body will always keep the energy stored within until it’s been allowed to run it’s course.

Isolate the thought, then ask Why

Do your best to isolate the thought immediately when you feel guilty, focus on it and then ask yourself, “Why am I feeling guilty?”. It’s in that precise moment when you’ll come to the notion that acceptance of guilty action is the only way to make peace within you. The hard part is to be “mindful” of those same actions so in the future you do your best to not make the same mistake more than twice.


Hey at the end of the day, we’re all human Ali. No one is perfect nor should anyone be. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, that is something I had to learn the hard way and when I did it was a pivotal moment lifestyle change which has led to viewing the world differently and directly impacted the people I serve.

Keep going friend, that’s all you need to do.

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