Playing To Your Strengths

Know Your Limits

If you’re of a Type-A personality that strives for perfection, perhaps a go-getter and never stopping until you quit — at times our strengths at the superficial level mask what is more practical for us to be doing with our time.

You may have 3, 4 or 5 different passions — equally strong at each of them I might add, but how much time can you actually devote to them all? There’s only so much time during the day, perhaps we can all take a quick catalog of what we’ve been doing for the past 3 months and ask ourselves,

“Hey, I think I might be doing TOO much”

That’s not too say you can’t have 3 or 5 different passions, what I will share is that there’s probably 2 of them that you really don’t need to spend time on. Those creative outlets (monetized or not) can be delegated to others or if you’re not in a organizational or financial position, it’s time you cut the ties, for now, so the ones that bring you the best balance of happiness and monetized wealth are allowed to flourish.

Let your best work blossom

I see many people that want it all. Their intentions are good, but there’s no practicality in purchasing finite items that aren’t bringing you closer towards your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle).

When you have a big enough dream, the small things come and go but being self-aware of what your true aim is…now that my friends is something powerful.

We all want to be happy, to give back to our family and friends and live a life worth living, but you can’t spread your wings too far without knowing what it’s like to first fly.

You never know what can happen unless you try

How many side jobs and creative outlets are you actively engaged in? More importantly, are you burning out?!?!

If so, NOW is an excellent time to do some “Spring Cleaning”. It’s April (at least if you’re reading this during April 2017), the opportune and historical time to get rid of old sh*t.

What I mean by that is to look at the projects you’re involved with. Can you let go of some of them in order for the ones that truly mean the most to you to become real? I believe you can, but many of us aren’t willing to give them up.

We believe that every blog, video, music track, painting, dance choreagraphy might be the one that makes it BIG!

There is some truth to that, but most of the time people aren’t #patient enough to wait that long. Rather then wait, why not give more time, energy and effort into your creative content that you know you’re great at! It’s not wise or fruitful to spend countless hours building up your technical prowess for certain crafts.

I do believe that being a life long learner is critical to life mastery, but there’s a difference between learning what you need for optimal productivity and delegating other things to people better suited for the job. You can always allocate time reading up on educational videos or white papers instead of going to the bar.

That’s a C.H.O.I.C.E (Choose How One Inner Choice Effects)

So choose wisely

Using Time Wisely

Is the one thing that can make or break your productivity. Not only in the micro game but in the macro picture of realizing dreams. There are only 24 hours in the day and getting at least 4–5 takes away from that.

Now i’m not of the belief that everyone needs to get 2 hours of sleep because quite frankly that will end up hindering your health in the long run. Any habitual treatment of your own health that sacrifices long term benefits for quick wins usually ends up with some form of dis-ease that isn’t fun to deal with.

Rant aside, if you get 4–5 hours of sleep that leaves you with only 19–20 hours to actually work. Not work for 5–6 hours and then spend the rest of your days “killing time” for some fun factor.

You could do that, but you could also decide to spend your efforts with the strongest assets you have and make every dime, ounce of sweat and passionate bullet penetrate through lack of enthusiasm and laziness.

Run through laziness at the speed of light

Hopefully by now you’re coming to realize what this post is about. It’s not just about sharing and giving you perspective, no it’s literally a call to action — something I rarely do on the internet.

It’s because i’m so passionate about people pursuing and living their dreams that i’m willing to take heat and keyboard abuse because I know there’s one of you reading this that will finally say to him/herself,

“I’m wasting my time, I have to stop pretending and start doing something for me”

That begins by drawing the line between the passions you believe you can pursue and the strong ones that you can orchestrate victory with, year after year.

Take Away

As much as it feeds our ego, it does for me too, to say that we did X, Y and Z all on our own — more often the more optimal and practical thing to do is take our strongest passions and put every drop of blood and sweat into them. That may be in the form of a single creative outlet or two or three.

When you get to 4 and 5 then that’s a gremlin waiting to tear things apart…

Rather, take a few moments to self-reflect upon what your true vision is — your ONE L.O.V.E (Living Organic Value Expressed). From there, you can construct the mediums through which your dream will be made a reality.

If I may leave you with one sound piece of wisdom,

“Don’t be afraid to fail, and be deathly afraid of being content”

Find that right balance and the world is yours my creative friends.

Keep Aspiring, Keep Creating, Keep Going

David Lee

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