Do Habits Create The Best Success?

Are the continuous, consistent, passionate and important daily disciples (actions, habits) that lead to our goals the most important keys to success?

By Anonymous

Yes, they are. The difficult thing with action and habits is understanding that motivation which tends to be a prerequisite for most people is also a daily practice.

Motivation Only Gets You Going

Much like pressing the button on your computer or TV screen, it gets a lot done but your mind and fingers need to use the input devices in order for any output to be presented.

*SIDE NOTE: Yes I know about Augmented Reality so at least for now this post is relevant!

Okay back on topic friend, stay consistent with your effort so your success is not brought upon by pure hope, wishing or luck. Those metaphysical energies will help you along the way towards success, but for anyone living in the actual world of markets, industry, capital, corporations and careers then hard work, patience and staying true to your core values is what will allow success to form in your life.

I also have a strong feeling that you will be very successful in your life friend, where you are and whatever you have going on in life are only a small chapter in the life you have yet to write for yourself.

How Do You Define Success?

There will come a point in time where you’ll start to ask yourself what magnitude of success do you wish to see in your life. When that time comes, stay very self-aware of your ambition, experience and skill sets. These are all determining factors to acknowledge once you are ready to scale success to different ventures.

Create the right momentum when the time comes so you can honestly and truthfully bring the right type of energy and enthusiasm to your efforts.


β€œIt’s better to be prepared and not have an opportunity, then to have an opportunity and not be prepared”.

Keep growing stronger,

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