Common Path to Life Mastery

By Anonymous

Mastery of life requires walking the path of both being Humble and Determined.

Humility Lessens Ego, Focus and Commitment Get Things Done

When you’re humble you’re not always seeking the external rewards, a means to an end. Being humble allows you to create space within you to know when your Ego needs to take a back seat with any goal you have set forth. Understand, Ego is needed when you hold onto any belief other than your own and it’s your Ego that allows you to be push through the pain, to be unreasonable in the face of logic and ration and to be stubborn through all of your efforts because that energy will help you build a strong work ethic.

The trap is when you let your Ego take control of your life, now you have become a slave to your mind rather than its master. Life mastery itself is your ability to slowly defeat the Ego until it can’t get up anymore, much like the MMA fighter who completely batters his opponent to the point where physically, psychologically and spiritually he gives up.

Do the same with your Ego so that you are able to call him to action when you most need it. When the task is done Ego will go back to it’s cave where it belongs, in the darkness where you cannot live in. You can visit it, don’t live in it.

The Journey, The Process and Trust

Destinations are great, when you get there it’s hopefully everything you would have hoped for. The pretty pictures and brochures you saw, the YouTube video depicting the rooms, lobby and amenities, the friendly staff and management all make the destination the perfect escape. That’s how many people look at life, simply mullying along from vacation to vacation, escape to escape without any recognition by the time 65 years of age comes around and they wonder,

“Where’d the time go????”

I invite you to take a clear and direct look at your life so that mastery of life is about the journey, it’s all about the process of you becoming a more powerful version of you. It’s not only about physical strength, you must become a practitioner of hard work, discipline, faith and gratitude. Only then will the path open up to you so you can start living your life rather than dreaming all day about it.

I hope that helps.

Keep growing stronger,

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