Healthier Daily Habits You Can Start

From Anonymous,

3 Things that may support you on your journey in becoming healthier friend:

  1. Bodyweight training OR Weight Training
  2. Eat whole foods
  3. Stretch

The Basics

You’ll need to exercise, if you’ve never worked out before then start with bodyweight training. You can develop relative strength to your bodyweight, proper technique and muscle size. If you have a strong foundation with your body then you can use free weights such as kettle bells, dumbbells or barbells to see faster results.

Your nutrition is also vital, not only will eating whole foods be more nutritious for you – you’ll be able to eliminate the majority of unnecessary side effects that come from eating pre packaged or fast food in general. Many people have been able to clear up skin irritations, bloating, constipation as well as physical pain from inflamed organs by cleaning up their diet.

I also invite you to stretch. By creating length in tonic (short) muscles your body will have adequate ROM (Range of Motion) for increasing and maintaining intensity in your workouts, you’ll also find more energy flowing through your body. This will support you in having more energy to focus in on tasks, work and relationships.

Beyond Foundation

If you follow these 3 principles, I know after a few months of consistency you’ll see improvements in your health, the thing I wish to impart you with above all else is to explore all training modalities. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in any one type of training (unless you start playing a competitive sport). Many people tend to fall off their exercise and nutrition habits because they become bored with that they’ve been doing, which is fine.

My invitation to you is try many forms of fitness and you’ll find 2–3 that truly speak to you. Those will be your bread and butter for years to come, especially when it comes to strength and power training. For those athletes they never grow tired of the grind, maximal lifting has a life cycle much longer than 90% of the exercise modalities as it takes years upon years to build the neuromuscular system to peak performance.

I hope that helps friend.

Keep growing stronger,

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